Greg Zuccolo & Ede Thurrell

Zackary Drucker

Spring Dinner Party

Movement Research Festival

Paul Mgapi Sepuya & Timothy Hull curated by Arnold Kemp

MGM Grand

MGM Grand

Chef Sam Richman

Guest Flawless Sabrina

Living Sacrifice

Tony Orrico

Gelsey Bell

Katy Pyle

Miho Hatori's New Optimism

MGM Grand

Aki Sasamoto & Leidy Churchman

K8 Hardy

Movement Research Festival


A performance/studio/home space built in Red Hook, Brooklyn that focused on presenting experimental movement based work from NYC’s downtown dance community and it’s extended art family. FACADE/FASAD curated and hosted performance events that enfolded music, food, visual art, dance parties and provided residencies for artists. FACADE/FASAD had the great privilege of presenting a spectrum of incredible artists including Alsarah, Gelsey Bell, Yve Laris Cohen, Bill Durgin, Zackary Drucker, MGM Grand, Miho Hatori, Timothy Hull, Arnold J Kemp, Ellen Lesperance, Topu Lyo, Odeya Nini, Tony Orrico, Katy Pyle, Aki Sasamoto, Paul Mgapi Sepuya, Nicki Siano, and Yackez.

In essence FACADE/FASAD was thoughtfully designed as home as art as community. It emphasized the notion that context is sometimes everything. For a more thorough architectural description with imagery of FACADE/FASAD please visit its coverage in DWELL magazine.

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