The Studio

The studio is my creative catalyst, a confluence of ideas, incubation, and manifestation. Working from an equipped, spacious, and light filled industrial studio in Brooklyn, NY, I come prepared with over a decade of natural dyeing experience to offer my knowledge and abilities to fulfill your natural dyeing needs.

The Approach

The art and craft of natural dyeing is a practice that yields beauty in both process and result. Every piece of naturally dyed cloth is it’s own unique creation, irreproducible. Natural dyeing is a combination of knowledge, skill, and openness to surprise. It also requires a good amount of patience, respect, and pleasure. To work with natural dyes is to embrace the unknown with joy, care, and reverence


My approach to commissions is collaborative. I keep possibilities and limitations close in mind when customizing a natural dye project for a client. By enfolding the variables of resources, time, desires, and techniques to initiate a commission, I create attainable goals and beautiful results for my client. My commitment to a commission is to be thorough and focused. From color, to effect, to materials, to purpose, to research, to development, every detail is a valuable facet to the final product. Contact me with your ideas and lets start the process!


As more designers look toward sustainability as foundational to their ethos, the knowledge afforded by natural dyeing plays an important role in textile production in this urgent ecological movement. With my informed history in textiles I can offer direction and guidance towards more sustainable and ethical practices in your textile productions. Let’s start the conversations and continue the movement!

One-On-One Workshops

If you’re looking for a hands-on, personal, and not so traditional approach to natural dyeing my one-on-one workshops may be just for you. The workshops are intended to not only teach you the techniques of natural dyeing but also the lessons offered in natural dyeing. It’s a win-win formula. Don’t be shy, reach out, and let’s schedule that natural dye workshop you’ve wanting to take! It’ll be fun!